Business Areas

Gluesys supplies various IT solutions to its customers based on technologies of various fields ranging from system software and hardware, storage service, systems management, to data processing technology.

Storage Solutions for Corporate

Scale-out Storage AnyCloud AnyCloud is an enterprise high-performance/high availability scale-out storage solution that can scale storage capacity easily on-line to gain greatly improved performance. AnyCloud manages various storage services like they are being managed under the same environment, integrating all of the file-, block-, and object-based services into a single storage management system running on the same environment, thus reducing its TCO remarkably.
Enterprise NAS AnyStor AnyStor is a high-efficiency, low-cost storage solution for data storage, sharing and backup, which features flexible volume extension without downtime, instant image replication, and stable and quick backup and recovery functions through remote-controlled replication.
Integrated File Management PlugDisk PlugDisk is a company-wide file integration and management solution that can control all the data distributed across the personal computers of the company from a centralized system and ensure efficient sharing of the date. Gluesys has been contacting actively private and public corporations with a lineup of various interlocked products including Any Security and AnySecurity DRM that provide integrated solutions for data and security management.
Backup Solution AnyBackup AnyBackup is an integrated backup solution that drives various backup solution engines based on a medium-sized NAS engine and provides diverse backup solutions including image backup, file and data backup, and DR solution.

Storage Solutions for Personal

Personal Cloud Sorage Storpia Duo Storpia Duo is a fixed-mobile convergence(FMC) cloud storage as an integrated router.
Without the cumbersome and difficult router setup process, Storpia Duo turns into the home cloud immediately after plugging a network cable into it.
Mobile Storage Storpia ‘Storpia Series’ is one of the Gluesys’ 2nd-generation wireless external hard disk, together with Link, available with much time and energy in the development of their designs and software. They provide tailored applications optimized to individual iOS/Android-based smart devices and furnish such differentiated functions as simultaneous support of diverse interfaces and automatic uploading.

Open Source Business (RedHat)

OS RHEL Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the NO. 1 Linux OX having the top market share in Korea and in the world and features stability, technical support, scalability, and security, compared to other Linux products. It not only takes advantage of such benefits of open-source software as reduced TCO and departure from vendor dependency but also provides systematic support service for the maximization of customers’ technical expertise.

IT Service

IT Service Gluesys has provided an IT resources integration solution, developed based on the knowhow and technology that have been accumulated in the course of carrying out profession services in different industries such as finance, telecommunications, civil service, and healthcare, through which customers can organically mobilize, and make best use of, their hardware and data resources.