This is Park Sung-Soon,
CEO of Gluesys.

We have stopped at nothing, even in rapid changes of the economic situation,  in our passion and endeavor to make a distinctive mark on the storage technology  topography. Our will and willingness to provide customers with unlimited support for their convenience have never ceased even in the blustering rainstorm.

We have also taken to heart the understanding that the stable supply of high- performance storage appliances that companies need will play a critical role in turning this society into a faster, more convenient and efficient community.

On the other hand, standing at a turning point heading towards the future, we understand that Gluesys has many things to do and plenty of space to be filled in its preparation for the future, and this understanding brings home to us the importance of its corporate responsibility for this society.

We at Gluesys will not be loose in our efforts to step forward to read the trend of time.
As we have done over the last 10 years, we will be determined to tighten the laces on our shoes again and devote ourselves to becoming the leader in the smart IT solution sector and make valuable contributions to making ‘Smart Home & Industry.”

Thank you.