The best storage solution partner,

Gluesys develops hardware-independent storage solutions
to help organizations manage and protect their data asset
in today’s fast-changing business environment.
With its experience and technology accumulated in various industrial sectors
including finance, telecommunication, civil service, and healthcare,
Gluesys is now preparing for another takeoff to become a comprehensive IT solution provider
aiming to provide customers with solutions tailored to their environments.


  • CEO
    Sung-Soon Park
  • Founded
    April 17, 2000
  • Capital
    1,401 million KRW
  • Employees


  • 02 Involvement in joint Korea-Czech R&D project ‘VIBES’, an AI·Edge system development project for precision livestock farming

  • 12 MSIT Minister Award for excellence in software R&D project
  • 11 AnyStor Enterprise awarded ‘Excellence’ in the 6th Korea Software Product Quality Award
  • 11 AnyStor Enterprise all-flash storage takes 1st place in SPC-1 by price-performance
  • 05 Patent ‘Automatic predicting system and automatic predicting method for server failure’ granted
  • 05 Patent ‘Virtual resource monitoring system’ granted
  • 02 Patent ‘Failure prediction method of system resource for smart computing’ granted

  • 12 AnyStor Enterprise-powered Taejin Infotech’s Jet-Speed HHS3124F/HHS2112F takes 5th place (now 10th) in SPC-1 by performance
  • 04 Released ‘AnySecurity ZERO’, an anti-ransomware cloud backup solution
  • 03 MOU with the Indonesian data storage company, Indostorage

  • 10 Selected as Promising Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise by the Gyeonggi Provincial Government.
  • 09 Participate in the MWCA(Mobile World Congress America) 2017 exhibition.
  • 04 MOU contract with SJ technologies Inc.(US)
  • 04 IRC(Indirect Reseller Charter) Contract with Nokia.(US)
  • 02 Technical Partnership contract with Penta Security.

  • 07 Launched ‘AnyStor Enterprise’, a Scale-out NAS
  • 01 Business Partnership contract with Pure Storage.

  • 09 Awarded ‘Innovation Award Gold Prize’ at GMV(Global Mobile Vision) 2015
  • 09 Provided NAS to Data center of Seoul
  • 08 Awarded the Achievement Award of IITP(Institute for Information & Communications Technology Promotion)

  • 12 Participated in Ministry of National Defense’s Mega Center relocation project
  • 12 Gold Partner contract with Hyosung Information Systems(HIS)
  • 07 Selected as a G-Star company by Gyeonggi Province
  • 03 NAS supply contract with Hyosung Information Systems (HIS)
  • 02 Registered Partnership contract with Fujitsu Korea

  • 12 Launched AnyStor VTS, a Virtualized Tiered Storage system
  • 11 Launched AnyCloud, a Scale-out storage system
  • 07 Partnership contract with Dell Korea
  • 06 Launched PlugDisk2, an Enterprise Cloud File Storage solution
  • 03 Lauched Storpia eClipse, a Personal Wireless External hard disk

  • 03 Participated in ‘2012 Intel Storage Forum (ISF)’ with our SMB NAS ‘Storpia’

  • 09 Concluded a strategic business tie with Sysone Co.,Ltd. (for participation in the first Korea Super-computer Development Project)

  • 10 Entered into a contract with Value Plus for the supply of OEM-based Home NAS (SPIO NAS)
  • 06 Supplied NAS clusters in 15 regions under the Army’s main computer system
  • 03 Supplied Home NAS (Xtreamer e-Trayz) appliances on OEM basis to Unicorn Information System

  • 12 Launched AnySecurity, an Integrated Security Management solution for management of corporate IT assets
  • 10 Launched PlugDisk, a Corporate Data Sharing system
  • 10 Launched AnyBackup, an Enterprise Backup solution system

  • 08 Launched AnyStor 5, a GS (Good Software) certified storage solution
  • 06 Launched iCube, an integrated multimedia solution for home
  • 03 Supplied to 19 regional nodes of KT IPTV

  • 06 Concluded a contract for supply of web storage solutions with Geumseongbangwon of China
  • 03 Launched SmartCube, a web storage serve for SMBs (small and medium-size business)
  • 01 Obtained the GS (Good Software) certification with OffiStor XP

  • 10 Launched AnyStor, a network integration system
  • 02 Launched OffiStor XP, a web storage solution

  • 11 Completed joint development of C-Disk, a wired/wireless sharer storage system
  • 07 Earned the INNOBIZ certification
  • 07 Constructed a web-storage service site called ‘BaroHard’, for KTNet
  • 05 Started sale of the FC NAS ‘NetWave jointly with LG Hitachi and Fujitsu

  • 07 Built a web storage service site for mobile phones called ‘MyDisk for KTF
  • 04 Built FileDream, a web storage service (B2C) site, jointly with Hostel Global
  • 02Developed web storage service software, ‘OffiStor Light’ and ‘Plus’

  • 08 Developed a prototype of ‘OffiStor’, a web storage appliance
  • 08 Marketed ‘GlueStor 2000′, a high-performance NAS system
  • 05 Obtained TL9000 and ISO9001 certifications
  • 02 Entered into a development agreement with Brocade of USA

  • 08 Supplied Backup NAS Solutions to Uniwide Technology on OEM basis
  • 08 Supplied ‘GlueStor’, a NAS engine, to Hyundai Data Net on OEM basis
  • 04 Developed ‘GluStor’, a NAS engine
  • 04 Developed ‘IP-Disk’, a SAN-based virtualization solution

  • 10 Announced ‘SANGlue Manager’ at the OPEN SAN Solution 2001
  • 08 Developed ‘SANGlue Manager V.1′, the first SAN management software in Korea
  • 06 Earned the ‘Venture Business’ certificate following the deliberation of the company’s technology by Korea Institute of Industrial Technology Evaluation and Planning
  • 04 Developed the SAN monitoring software ‘SANGlue V.1′

  • 08 Developed a prototype of a SAN-based storage server
  • 04 Established Gluesys

What We Do

Data Storage

Network storage software and hardware that features rapid data storage services and system management.

Video Surveillance Solution

Intelligent video surveillance solution and IoT edge platform to integrate and connect with cloud servers and IoT sensors.

IT Infrastructure Service

Solutions ans systems to diverse fields of data management including servers, storage, Linux, DBMS, and WAS.

Open Source Consulting

Consulting service on major storage open source solutions such as Red Hat, Gluster, and Ceph.


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