Education and Training

The ultimate goal of education and training is to cultivate technical experts who are capable of dealing with new system environments and also to improve work efficiency.

Gluesys Technical Support Team support customers to improve their management skills by helping them to learn about their system environments and to gain the capability of solving system and maintenance problems.
As operators are required to have systematic educations for the effective management, the educational plan is required for each area of expertise to be established and implemented.
Education and training takes place for the person in charge of system management and operation, which the curriculum and purposes are defined by their work and will be consisted of theoretical and practical sessions of the system components.

Service Area

Scope of education and training We educate system administrators to fully understand the use of the system. We provide education in every aspect for the built system to be fully utilized.
Methods of education and training We will prepare the written plan for the systematic and efficient education and training. The education will be provided by our professional manpower and the text book for the education will be offered separately.


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