Education and Training

The ultimate goal of education and training is cultivate technical experts who are adapt at their jobs and also capable of dealing with new computing system environments.

Gluesys’ Technical Support Team will help its customers learn the infrastructure-related technological skills and knowledge to improve in their jobs and have the capability to operate their system efficiently and, further, let them have the capability to solve system problems and carry out repair and maintenance work for themselves. Operators are required to have systematic education for efficient operation; for this purpose, an educational plan for each area of expertise must be established and implemented according to operators’ levels.

Education and training sessions consist of theory and practice and have different contents and goals according to job levels. They will be given to the employees who are involved in system management and operation.

Service Area

Scope of education and training It involves educational methods and means for each system administrator to get familiar with how to use the system. They need to complete a full curriculum until they get so well trained as to utilize the established system properly.
Methods of education and training It include plans for giving systematic and effective education and training. All employees who are responsible for the operation of the system receive the education and are provided relevant educational materials.