IT Infra service

Gluesys provides customized ‘Total IT infrastructure services’ which range from system consulting, design, construction to repair and maintenance that are optimized to customers’ environments.

Based on knowhow and technological prowess accumulated in the course of provision of profession services in such varied sectors as finance, telecommunication, civil service, and healthcare, we are offering IT resources integration solutions that can manage networks, hardware, and different solutions organically, thereby bringing out most effective results.

Service Area

Infra IT service Gluesys offers SI services with the view of coordinating and integrating IT infrastructure components such as systems, networks, solutions, and facilities.
IT Architecture design and product supply Gluesys analyzes customer’s environments surrounding the infrastructure and their requirements, designs the architecture of a system, and comes up with optimum products.
Diagnosis/Consulting service Gluesys presents solutions through analysis of its customers’ IT infrastructure and performs capacity planning.
Maintenance service Gluesys provides integrated R&M service in order to ensure the continuity of its service through stable maintenance service spanning the overall data processing system.


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