Technical Support and Maintenance

Maintenance involves remedying or improving any sort of defects or errors of a system occurring during the operation of an NAS or computing infrastructure component.

Gluesys’ Technical Support Team aims to provide technical support for stable and uninterrupted operation of a system with much consideration given to the target, contents, strategy, and operation of R&M services.

Service Area

Preventive and proactive maintenance service Gluesys continues to discuss appropriate advance measures with its customer to keep in check potential problems in the data processing infrastructure, by referring to monthly periodic diagnosis, maintenance work (preventive repairs), and records of errors and defects in hardware and operating functions that have been automatically kept by devices, thereby keeping the computing infrastructure in a serviceable condition.
Corrective repair service all the computer problems occurring in the data processing system are automatically recorded in detail by hardware as well as software. The company has consultation with the customer on when to take corrective measures, mostly when the system is brought to a full stop through mutual agreement or during a time period when it is least affected.
Urgent repair service
(at the time of a problem)
When a problem takes place and keeps the computing infrastructure from running smoothly, an engineer in charge will take quick and accurate repair work using various repair and support functions including self-diagnosis devices and programs in order to get the system back to normal function in a short time. Furthermore, a group of experts having wide experience and technical expertise will be mobilized to cope with the problem effectively and within the shortest time possible.
Technical change Technical changes and/or improvements can be made to keep an in-operation device at its most advanced level at all times and enhance its reliability and stability; establishing a time frame suitable for implementation will require review of the computing infrastructure, preparation of an action plan for such technical change, and discussion with the customer.


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