Privacy Policy

1. Information we collect

For customer services, we collect the following personal information.

  • List of collecting information: Country, Name, E-mail address
  • How we collect personal information: Website(Q&A)

2. Purposes of collecting and using personal information

We use personal information for following purposes.

  • User Management: Product Registration, Technical Support, etc.
  • Other purposes: To help with inquires of purchases, partnership, and products

3. The usage & storage period of personal information

We discard the personal information after we use it for the purpose of helping users.

4. The process & method of discarding personal information

The process and method are shown below.

1) The process of discarding

  • After we accomplish our purpose, personal information will be moved to different database. Due to our policy and the privacy law, personal information will be stored in database for certain period and it will be discarded.

2) The process of discarding

  • The electronic copy of personal information will be deleted by technical methods, which doesn’t allow to restore the information.
  • If personal information is printed out, we discard it through paper shredder or incineration.

5. Personal information sharing

We use personal information in the way that is accorded to and we do not use or share publicly without your consent.

6. Agreement Withdrawl

Even if you are using our service, you may withdraw the agreement of collecting personal information. For agreement withdrawl, please contact us by E-mail and we will discard your personal information.

7. The director of personal information security

To protect your personal information and solve related problems, we assign specific department and director of personal information security.

– director of personal information security

  • Name : Park, Eunmi
  • Tel : +82.70.7862.8154
  • Fax : +82.31.388.3261
  • E-mail :

8. Duty of Notification

The current privacy policy is legislated on August 30th, 2014. If there is any change in the policy or security technology, we will make an announcement a week before through our website.