Enterprise NAS

Enterprise-level Network Storage with Exceptional performance and flawless stability

AnyStor 5 is a NAS with outstanding storage solution, providing data storage and sharing through self-developed NAS OS which enhances the storage utilization.

We have developed a NAS file system and protocol for data sharing, backup and remote replication between heterogenous servers, offering stable and flexible IT environment with reduction of TCO. We provide web-based management tool in multiple languages, which can be used from anywhere, anytime.



High Performance

Dedicated OS optimized for network storage devices to gain excellent performance


Flexible Scalability

Allows storage expansion up to several hundred TB size without downtime.

Excellent Stability

Ensures continuous service through redundancy of major components

High Availability

Utilizes the system connected with other solutions such as backup and DR systems

Easy Management

Convenient system management through monitoring and notification

Trusted Quality

Accredited quality with GS(Good Software)


Data Sharing Data sharing support for users to various OS like Windows, Unix and Mac.
NIS/PDC/ADS internetworking support
Volume Management Provides flexible disk and volume expansion without downtime
Virtual Volume, Physical & Logical volume
Access Control Client’s existing users authentication support
Group/User/Folder wise quota setting
Access to shared volumes and folders of NAS using registered account
HA Clustering Network and Heart beat redundancy through High-performance HA function
Failover support in case of NAS failure and filesystem check in the background
Volume Replication Instant logical volume replication to the storage and recovery from snapshot in case of data corruption.
Fast, reliable replication and scheduled replication
Audit Log Audit record of user’s file operations
Easy to customize users with various DB backend support
iSCSI Initator Support for iSCSI storage with NAS gateway volumes