Enterprise NAS

Gluesys’ AnyStor is an enterprise network storage device for low-cost, highly-efficient storage, sharing, and backup of data and features data sharing among dissimilar servers in the IT environment where diverse OSs are used, flexible volume expansion without downtime, instant image replication, and stable and quick backup and recovery through remote replication functions.

This engine also enables users to operate their system conveniently using its web-based dedicated administrative tools providing multi-language service and offers a wide range of products ranging from small-size storages for small and medium companies and medium to large-size products for public corporations, telecommunications companies, financial institutions, hospitals, schools, and manufacturer.






Data Sharing
  • Sharing function to users of various OSs including Windows, Unix, and MAC

  • logical expansion of disks without downtime, providing flexibility in terms of volume expansion
  • Integrated management of NAS, WebDisk, and backup SW.
  • Supporting virtual volume.
  • Physical and logical volume management: the product eliminates extra work on old data at the time of storage volume expansion, minimizing the downtime.

Setting of ADS, ACL, Quota
  • Supporting the client server’s user authentication function
  • Supporting quota setting by group and user.
  • Users can access shared volumes and shared folders on the NAS storage using their account.
  • Windows System can apply ACLs through the ADS- gives authorization to do such tasks as Read only, Read/Write Denied (default).

Network Trunking
  • Multiple NIC Aggregation
  • 10/100/1000Mbps NIC Aggregation
  • Truncation & Load Balancing
  • FailOver

  • Instant replication and saving of logical volumes in storage.
  • Possible to recover the logical data from its data image snapshots when it is damaged. (1TB: within several seconds)
  • Possible to achieve fast and safe replication due to short snapshot time.
  • Provision of time scheduling function enables users to carry out replications at their desired times.
  • Support of up to 256 snapshots enables query and/or recovery of backup file systems in large quantities.

Data Backup
  • NDMP : Minimized bottle necks due to a small number of actual disk I/Os occurring in the server as data are transmitted over the network.
  • Data backups are achieved by the tape backup device connected to the AnyStor using the NDMP port.
  • Local Backup
  • Backup S/W : OS Image backup, Realtime Backup, File/DB Backup, Data Replicator