File Management

Gluesys’ PlugDisk, is a company-wide integrated file management solution, designed to centralize the data distributed across the company and achieve integrated management of and enable effective sharing of the data.




Data integration and management

  • This system stores corporate business data scattered across personal computers in the central server and authorizes rights to access and/or share them according to access rights.
  • The system runs on a network drive so users do not need separate education and training to use it. They don’t feel hostility and can use the system just like they use a Windows browser.
  • The system can build smooth collaborative environments through the creation of shared disks by group/project in connection with the company’s organizational chart.


Prevention of data loss or leakage from the company

  • This centralized storage system provides a log of all tasks.
  • The system enables the administrator to keep a log of visitors’ IDs and access IPs, tasks, date and time, and other details, making it easy to trace the data for later use.


Safe data storage

  • The system enciphers transmission packets destined for the storage using the TEA (Tiny Encryption Algorithm), preventing the leakage of files over the transmission interval and ensuring safe storage of data.
  • The system provides automatic encryption of all files to be stored using a high-speed cipher processing system, protecting data from external hacking attempts or malignant approaches.


Flexible system management

  • This system can monitor detailed access statuses by user/group/shared disk to manage a storage device more efficiently.
  • It allows for separate creation of an administrator in charge of each shared disk in addition to the main administrator, distributing administrative work loads effectively and improving the efficiency of administrative jobs.
  • It provides an intuitively designed administration menu, which enables the administrator to easily set various restrictions on service policies including functions and service information