File Management

PlugDISK 2 is integrated management solution for files scattered in user’s PCs to manage centrally.

By consolidating enterprise business data into centralized storage and allowing access & sharing of data according to user’s permission, it is possible to protect and efficiently manage corporate data and information.
It is implemented as a Virtual Network Drive, which allows easy and efficient use from Window Explorer without any training or learning.



PD_01Linux-based OS
Provides NAS-based stable storage space by the support of Linux-based embedded OS

PD_02Stable System Management
Assures distinguished system stability through HA clustering and remote replication

PD_03SE Specialists
Capable to arrange professional support through top-level developers


Data management Using Windows Explorer-type interface, it is connected to the virtual network drive in your network environment
Allocates private disks to individuals and manages the centralized business data
Able to configure whether to use the private disk and can save or delete data when it is not being used(requires v.2.1.6 or above)
Assigns access permissions and creates shared disks on departments/groups that are based on organization/project
Suggests diverse sharing environment by setting a lower folder from a share disk to be shared to other departments or users (sub share)
Provides web file manager which can be accessed through web browser (no ActiveX, supports mouse left click/thumbnail)
Features versioning to manage files in versions by their modified time
Supports network recycle bin to easily recover the deleted files/folders
Can transfer the private data (takeover) when in the conditions such as position change happens
Can transfer files to other users apart from using shared disks (in real-time)
Able to transfer large files by link mail
Can hand over the personal share permission to other users (requires v.2.1.5 or above)
Able to set file extension and capacity filtering on each shared disk (requires v.2.1.6 or above)
System management Automatically manages departments and accounts by synchronizing with your human resources DB
Easily authenticate by interlocking with Single Sign On (SSO)
Disperse workloads by allocating new administrators to each shared disk
Record user’s work history (login, action log, inquiry record, date and accessed IP) and management information
Prevents data loss in transfer layer by encrypting packets for file transfer
Controls the access to the central storage by registering specific IP address
Configures various service policies through intuitively designed management menu
Monitors the detailed usage of users/groups/shared disks
Able to access more than two servers at the same time using the client program (requires v.2.1.5 or above)
Monitors CPU/memory usage, volume and service status (requires v.2.1.5 or above)
Synchronizes the organization chart to your PlugDISK (requires v.2.1.5 or above)

Key benefits

Data loss prevention
Prevents leakage of important documents by directly storing the data from user’s PC to main storage.

Maximized efficiency
Based on user-friendly interface of Windows explorer, it provides convenience on its use and management.

Integrated technology support
Offers integrated management service through embedded hardware and software.

Reduced cost
Provides no. of user-based license, and no additional fees required on the increase of capacity.


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