Scale-out NAS

High-performance and High-scalability Scale-out Network Storage

To deal with new environment and meet requirement such as exploding traffic, high-speed transfer and processing, and diverse platforms, a newly designed storage system is needed. ‘AnyStor Enterprise’ is Scale-out Network Storage solution guaranteeing excellent expandabillity and usability, and it can effectively respond to the business environment with exploding traffic.



  • Integration of distributed resources
  • Integrated data management environment
  • Max.of computing resources operation rate
  • Reduction of management cost


Scaled Out

  • Easy expansion in line with increases in data
  • Support required for unlimited expansion of the size of data into larger than PB
  • Performance improvement in line with increases in data
  • Low-cost and High-efficiency


User Friendly

  • Multiple user’s different needs for application environment
  • Convenience for storage expansion
  • Persistent service provided
  • Service provided on various platforms


Reduction of cost

  • Reduce TCO by applying x86 CPU-based HW
  • Minimization of initial introduction and expansion costs thanks to an easily scalable structure

Supports verity of user applications and OS

  • File-level services
  • Protocol Gateway Service(NFS/CIFS, Active Directory, Open Directory etc.)

Uninterrupted data service

  • Warrant of data availability
  • File-level replication technology
  • Intelligent data availability management through self-monitoring and self-healing

Convenient management environment

  • User-friendly commands(CLI)
  • Web-based management integration interface
  • Integrated real-time monitoring
  • Event/Log/Mail alert system for instant error control

High-performance and high-scalability storage architecture

  • Unlimited scalability of several hundred PB data on a single system
  • Linear expansion of capacity and performance through expansion of node
  • Parallel I/O architecture-based high-speed I/O performance

Main Functions

High Scale-out Architecture

High-scalability scale-out storage solution that allows petabyte expansion

Online Expansion

  • Capacity expansion = Performance increase
  • Persistent service through online DS expansion

Cost Reduction

  • Reduced initial cost : acquisition as needed
  • Reduced expansion cost : expansion as needed


Distributed I/O

High-performance distributed storage solution that has increased storage lead to increased I/O performance

Virtual Volume

  • Virtual volumes consisting storage node
  • Composition may diversify to have HDD volume
  • Managing volume-level cloning, definition of communication protocol, access right etc.

Distributed I/O

  • Distribution algorithm is applied to maximize the data I/O performance
  • Ensures further classified parallel I/O (striping option)

High Available Data Service

It provides persistent data service through ‘Data Multiplication’.

  • Usability for all data is guaranteed through RT replication
  • Data replication uses both original and copy in I/O and its performance is not lowered even when errors occur.
  • When errors cause loss of data, original and copied data are used to perform automatic restoration.
Network RAID
  • Usability guaranteed with RAID (Erasure coding) for data stored in different nodes
  • Usability is guaranteed with a parity block. (No copy)
  • Compared to replication, it can save storage space and registers very high usability for long-time storage data


Using its snapshot feature, AnyStor-Enterprise can restore a volume to a specific point of time.

Online Snapshot
  • Snapshot available for a volume at a certain point of time
  • Snapshot can be created during service
Snapshot Barrier
  • Data crash prevented when snapshot is created (to prevent clash with file operation)
Snapshot Crash Consistency
  • A snapshot is created at the point of time that it is taken without clashing with the snapshot which was created before.

Load Balancing (Rebalance)

Storage expansion or alteration is automatically managed without requiring separate reorganization, thus eliminating the complications of management related to expansion.

Auto Load Balancing
  • Data is equally distributed among all nodes.
  • When a node experiences errors, the data from the malfuntioning node is equally distributed among normal nodes.
  • When more nodes are added, data from existing nodes is equally distributed among new nodes.

Line up

AnyStor500-K AnyStor500-E AnyStor500-A
HW For HPC General For Archiving
Chassis 2U, 24 X 2.5″ 24Bays 60Bays (24Bays~)
CPU 16core~ 16core~ 8core~
Memory 64GB 32GB 16GB
Storage Network 2 X Infiniband QDR (2 X 40GigE) 2 X 10GigE~ 2 X 1GigE~, 2 X 10GigE(preferred)
Service Network 10G X 2~ (preferred) 2 X 1GigE ~ (preferred) 2 X 1GigE~, 2 X 10GigE(preferred)
Volume Type Replication Replication Network RAID
Performance 3GB/s per node 1.4GB/s per node 300MB/s per node
Expansion nodes 2 ~ 16 1 ~ 128 1 ~ 128
Recommended Nodes 4 ~ 16 3 ~ 32 3 ~ 64
Usage Video(UHD) editing, VMImage Video editing, File server, VMImage Backup and archiving


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