Scale-out Storage

Gluesys’ AnyStor Enterprise is a scale-out storage solution that ensures excellent scalability and availability.

Explosive increase in the amounts of data in the wake of changes in business and IT technology environments has resulted in such diverse key issues as increased storage capacity, securing of I/O capabilities in line with data characteristics, ensuring of the availability of services and data, maintenance of the compatibility of current applications service, and lowering of introduction/expansion/operation costs.

AnyStor Enterprise is an unified scale-out storage, designed to deal effectively with these issues, which will end up being economical because it not only warrants initial minimized introduction and subsequent expansions to meet increasing amounts of data as required from time to time but also enables effective management of storage capacities even under circumstances in which increases in data cannot be estimated.



  • Integration of scattered resources
  • Establishment of integrated data management environment
  • Maximization of computing resources operation rate
  • Reduction of management cost


Scaled Out

  • Easy expansion in line with increases in data
  • Support required for unlimited expansion of the size of data into larger than PB
  • Function improvement in line with increases in data
  • Low-cost and High-efficiency


User Friendly

  • N-screen environment for users
  • Multiple users’ different needs for application environment
  • Continuous data availability
  • Automated data protection and management


Low introduction cost and reduced operation cost

  • Reduction in TCO by application of x86 CPU-based general-purpose hardware
  • Minimization of initial introduction and expansion costs thanks to an easily scalable structure
Uninterrupted data service

  • Warrant of data availability using double and triple redundancy techniques
  • Possible to determine the number of replications by volume/directory/file
  • Intelligent data availability management through self-monitoring and self-healing
High-performance and high-scalability storage architecture

  • Support for unlimited scalability of several hundred PB data on a single system
  • Linear expansion of capacity and performance through expansion of data servers(DS)
  • Parallel I/O architecture-based high-speed I/O performance
Smart management of storages and data

  • Reduction of storage space through data compression and deduplication
  • Data encoding, node access control, ACL-based system/data protection
  • Various data management and protection systems including WORM, archiving, and ILM
Unified storage service

  • File-, block-, object-based service integration in a single system environment
  • Perfect compatibility with currently available applications by way of POSIX-compatible API
  • Compatibility and Interoperability with clouds through Restful API supporting compatibility with S3/Swift
  • Providing interoperability with block storage service-based VM
  • Protocol gateway service: Hadoop, NFS/CIFS, etc
Convenient management environment

  • User-friendly commands/Web-based management integration interface
  • Application of data redundancy systems over all resources as well as integrated real-time monitoring
  • Event/log/alert system for instant error control
  • Enhanced management efficiency through the orchestration function
  • Maximized management convenience through automatic installation and patchwork