Scale-out Storage

High-performance and High-scalability Scale-out Network Storage

To deal with new environment and meet requirement such as exploding traffic, high-speed transfer and processing, and diverse platforms, a newly designed storage system is needed.
AnyStor Enterprise is Scale-out Network Storage solution guaranteeing excellent expandability and usability, and it can effectively respond to the business environment with exploding traffic.



  • Integration of distributed resources
  • Integrated data management environment
  • Max.of computing resources operation rate
  • Reduction of management cost


Scaled Out

  • Easy expansion in line with increases in data
  • Support required for unlimited expansion of the size of data into larger than PB
  • Performance improvement in line with increases in data
  • Low-cost and High-efficiency


User Friendly

  • Multiple user’s different needs for application environment
  • Convenience for storage expansion
  • Persistent service provided
  • Service provided on various platforms


ASE_04 Reduction of cost

  • Integration of MDS/DS/Manager functions requires minimum nodes
  • Minimization of initial introduction and expansion costs thanks to an easily scalable structure
ASE_05 Uninterrupted data service

  • Ensures data availability using multiple redundancy technology
  • File-level replication technology
  • Intelligent data availability management through self-monitoring and self-healing
ASE_06 High-performance and high-scalability storage architecture

  • Unlimited scalability of several hundred PB data on a single system
  • Linear expansion of capacity and performance through expansion of node
  • Parallel I/O architecture-based high-speed I/O performance
ASE_09 Convenient management environment

  • User-friendly commands(CLI)
  • Web-based management integration interface
  • Integrated real-time monitoring(system resource, event etc.)
  • Event/Log/Mail alert system for instant error control
ASE_08 Supports verity of user applications and OS

  • File-level services
  • Protocol Gateway Service(NFS/CIFS, Active Directory, Open Directory etc.)

Line up

AnyStor500-K AnyStor500-E AnyStor500-A
HW For HPC General For Archiving
Chassis 2U, 24 X 2.5″ 24Bays 60Bays (24Bays~)
CPU 16core~ 16core~ 8core~
Memory 64GB 32GB 16GB
Storage Network 2 X Infiniband QDR (2 X 40GigE) 2 X 10GigE~ 2 X 1GigE~, 2 X 10GigE(preferred)
Service Network 10G X 2~ (preferred) 2 X 1GigE ~ (preferred) 2 X 1GigE~, 2 X 10GigE(preferred)
Volume Type Replication Replication Network RAID
Performance 3GB/s per node 1.4GB/s per node 300MB/s per node
Expansion nodes 2 ~ 16 1 ~ 128 1 ~ 128
Recommended Nodes 4 ~ 16 3 ~ 32 3 ~ 64
Usage Video(UHD) editing, VMImage Video editing, File server, VMImage Backup and archiving