Backup Solution

Image Backup

Gluesys’ image backup is a solution that helps back up the images of OS and data areas onto an NAS device, minimizing the vacuum of operation created due to the physical defects of a server.
This comprehensive and optimal solution achieves secure backup and complete recovery (BMR: Bare-Metal Restore) under whatever computing environments a company is situated.

* Image Backup
Image backup is a backup system that implements its backup procedures in units of disk block, where static images are created on the whole volume of file data using a snapshotting technique before a backup process begins and then transmitted sequentially.


File/DB Backup

Gluesys’ file/DB backup system offers the best backup/recovery solution optimized to corporate computing environments in which heterogenous servers, dissimilar databases, disks, and tape storages from different vendors are combined.

This system ensures the scalability of performing, on an open infrastructure, effective backups of big data ranging from small systems to larger server environments comprising thousands of server units and treating terabyte data. In addition, it offers a chance of the customer cutting down on the costs for building and managing a backup system while warranting performance and convenience, compared to expensive foreign-made software.


DR Solution

Gluesys’ DR (data recovery) solution is a real-time backup and automatic recovery solution designed to brings secure data recovery and the continuity of business to reality.

Gluesys’ patented real-time replication technology not only warrants complete projection of all types of application data through the implementation of real-time replication while on-line work is in progress but also offers through its data redundancy technology such a perfect computer-operating environment as is only possible with a set of expensive devices and software.



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