PlugDISK is a cloud file storage solution
for organizations to consolidate
and manage business documents.
Transform your working environment with PlugDISK
to enhance your collaboration experience.

Why PlugDISK


Business Data

Consolidate your business data to central storage to eliminate silos in your workplace


User Interface

Simply browse and manage with a user-friendly Windows File Explorer-like interface


Data Retention

Safe data retention through data transfer encryption and automatic file encryption


Data Management

Flexible management through distributed administration, in-depth sharing options, and SSO capability

How PlugDISK Works


  • Prevent Data Leak
    Store business data directly to the primary
    storage to prevent data exposure
  • Stable System Management
    Distinguished system stability through
    HA clustering and remote replication
  • SE Specialists
    Top-level technical support experience
    from our in-house developers

Upgrade your workplace with PlugDISK

Consolidate and collaborate
Store and integrate all business files by automatically allocating storage space to your team members for better workplace collaboration.
Files are versioned upon upload, which means the file can be easily restored to previous versions or from removal.
Easy and simple access
Create and edit files without any upload or download process as if it is your local drive. Use PlugDISK from any OS or web browser to enhance your teamwork and work efficiency.
Link mails can be used to send bulk files without considering the receiver's mail capacity to collaborate with external users.
Modernize your file management
Enhance the administration efficiency by assigning the administrators per a share group to effectively distribute management workload.
You can easily go through CPU usage, volume, network connection, and other service status in real-time.
Secure your business data
All transmitted data are encrypted to prevent data breaches by unauthorized access. Backup and mirroring are available to protect critical business data, as well as seamless access by high-availability.
Add-ons such as device control, disaster recovery, and backup solutions can be integrated for advanced data protection.
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