AnySecurity is an integrated data security solution
that provides data protection from data breaches and ransomware attacks.
Eliminate silos in your workplace and secure your business assets
via device control, disaster recovery, and real-time backup options.

Data Security Issues Continues to Grow


Internal data leaks

Intentional or unintentional release of confidential data cause costly damage


Threats from the outside

Increase of ransomware targeting vulnerable corporate data assets


Evolving data protection compliance requirements

Reinforced data privacy and protection compliance and regulations

How AnySecurity Works

Find AnySecurity solution that fits your need.

Device Control
AnySecurity restricts the use of local disks, removable media, and websites, which are the main cause of data breach, to prevent the installation of unnecessary software, viruses, and malware. AnySecurity also provides instant recovery on remote PC when necessary.
AnySecurity provides automatic encryption to every document that is created to prevent data leak. The encryption process is triggered when it detects the write I/O of a media, and shows high-level of data encryption technology as it is controlled in OS kernel.
AnySecurity proactively detects and analyzes encryption task carried out by ransomware in real-time and prevents data corruption by blocking it and recording it to the database.
Critical data can be scheduled to backup and recover when it is necessary.
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