Personal Cloud Storage

Storpia Duo is a fixed-mobile convergence(FMC) cloud storage as an integrated router.
Without the cumbersome and difficult router setup process, Storpia Duo turns into the home cloud immediately after plugging a network cable into it.


No more difficult personal cloud storage! There is no need for the complicated router setup process.
You only need to create a domain address with the Storpia Duo storage which supports the Dynamic DNS (DDNS) service.
To use your data, you can have access to the Storpia Duo storage anywhere, anytime.



Cloud Storage
Mounting SSD/HDD drive provides amazing read/write speed, 3~5 times faster compared to normal external HDD.

5G Router
It supports Dual band of 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz concurrent wireless access and Gigabit LAN/WiFi with up to 866Mbps data rate.

Multimedia Streaming
You can stream various multimedia files stored in Storpia directly to your mobile device without downloading them.

Multimedia files shared by torrent can be downloaded directly to Storpia without the help of computer.


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