SmartDX is a black box solution
that provides video surveillance systems and IoT sensor services
for precision livestock management.
Analyze and monitor livestock and environmental data collected from IP cameras, power circuit breakers, and sensors
for effective livestock management and prevent disasters.

Precision livestock technology is crucial to improve livestock production and labor force.


Lack of labor force and increased social alienation

The decline in the livestock labor force and aging issues causing underachieving livestock production and low income


Uncertainties due to external factors

Expanding FTAs with top agricultural nations, fluctuating international grain prices, climate changes, etc.


Low productivity compared to top livestock producers

Korea’s swine MSY was 18.2, which is only 60% of the Netherlands (as of 2016)

Why we need SmartDX

  • For secure and productive
    livestock farming

    Livestock housing are vulnerable to a fire,
    which is mostly caused by short-circuit
    and static electricity
  • Need for technical support
    on equipments and system failures

    Difficulties on equipment management,
    maintenance, and replacement part
    Exploding budget when failure occurs
  • Technology for elderly
    and unexperienced farmers

    Unfriendly UI/UX for the elderly
    and unexperienced farmers
    Lack of compatibility and convenience

Smart black box solution
for precision livestock farming


SmartDX Solution Architecture


Main Features

Smart Black Box – SmartDx Collects various types of data generated from livestocks and their surroundings and deliver them to the cloud platform.

  • Collect video surveillance data (NVR)
  • Collect sensor data (intensive collection)
  • Collect livestock device management data (SmartDn)
  • Connect data from the IT infrastructure (SmartSx)
  • Connect with data collection/analytics platform
  • Selective data transmission
  • Data transmission encryption
  • IFTTT control support
Smart Edge Gateway – SmartDn Connects with smart devices and power controllers and collect metrics, logs, and events from actuators and controllers

  • Interface for connectivity with additional devices
  • Collect livestock device management data
  • Send collected data to SmartDx
Date Collector Agent – SmartSx Collects metrics, logs, and events from the edge gateway.

  • Collect data from IT infrastructure
  • Collect data from smart devices
  • Send collected data to SmartDx
Smart Circuit Breaker Monitors electricity usage and electric cable temperature and deliver them to the black box. When a disaster occurs, it immediately closes the power supply to prevent further damage.

  • Real-time electricity usage monitoring (device status diagnosis)
  • Real-time electric cable temperature monitoring (for fire prevention)
  • Emergency shut off (shut off by command)
  • (wired/wireless) Black box connection
  • Smart Edge Gateway connection and control
Compound Sensor Module Collects the device’s temperature, vibration, movement, etc., and deliver them to the black box. Also collects and diagnoses information that is not directly connected to the device.

  • Control: accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer
  • Status and environment: temperature-humidity, pressure, illumination
  • Sound: microphone
Livestock Black Box Service
  • Black box to record and backup every digital information collected from livestock environment
  • Analytic management of recorded data with high-quality technical support
Recording and backup Video recording Connection with NVR to collect video data
Collect data Collect IoT sensor data
System management Collect system management data
Emergency response Emergency backup and event backup
Management system Collect entrance log and management system connection log
Global/local environment Collect environmental data from National Weather Service and public service websites
Analytics service Video data analytics Recordings analysis
Sensor data analytics IoT sensor data analysis
IT management data analytics IT system management data analysis
Management data analytics Security analysis
Environmental analytics Global/local environment analysis
Proactive Maintenance Sensor-based failure management Vibration, temperature, sound oriented diagnosis and management
Electricity-based disaster management Electricity usage, electric cable temperature oriented disaster management
Integrated log management and analytics System management log oriented failure management
Behavioural analytics management Behaviour oriented abnormality management
Environmental analytics management Environmental analytics oriented abnormality management

SmartDx Differenciation

Category Current Technology SmartDx
  • Mostly based on video black box
  • Additional IoT sensor and ICT system connection required
  • Black box system with video, sensor, and system information
  • Easy application to current infrastructure without additional customization
  • Assorted features connected with cloud black box features
  • Elementary status monitoring-based management
  • 10 times bigger data usability and anlaytics-based management (with system insights)
  • Expert-level analytics with tons of data
  • Predictive analytics based on past and present information
  • Basic status information
  • Lack of user-friendly interface for elderly and non-experts
  • Able to notify system failure with a simple click
  • Intuitive user-friendly interface designed for elderly and unexperienced farmers
  • Minimized user intervention when providing technical support (cloud-based remote support)
Technical Support
  • Post-event technical support with extended system downtime
  • Low productivity during technical support
  • Primary, secondary, and tertiary analytics through cloud during system failure
  • Low support fee due to simplified technical support procedure
  • Simple video information with fragmentary knowledge on the actual status
  • Stability via data including video, sensor, and system logs
  • Electricity oriented fire prevention and management via electricity monitoring and control
  • Disaster and abnormal event response via cloud analytics
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